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Baton Rouge 2016 Flood: Man saves woman and dog from sinking car.

Man rescues woman and dog from sinking car in Louisiana flood
Posted 6 years ago
Updated 6 years ago
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Three men drive their boat up to a submerged convertible in the Louisiana deep flood waters, the woman screaming she is drowning.  They work to break the car window, and the car is continuing to sink. Boat passenger David Phung jumps out of the boat and onto her car and into the water, grabbing her and pulling her out of her car.  The woman is distraught over her dog still in the car, David says he can't reach the dog, and then goes under to try and save the dog, and comes up successful, with her cute happy small dog in hand.  David Phung: hero.  The woman and dog are said to be doing fine.

Dramatic video shows woman, dog rescued from car sinking in Louisiana flood waters

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