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"James Veitch Is A Terrible Roommate"
"James Veitch bought a significant number of rubber ducks." #CONANWatch the hilaroius here via YouTube, or the Facebook video here.
Man rescues woman and dog from sinking car in Louisiana flood
Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Three men drive their boat up to a submerged convertible in the Louisiana deep flood waters, the woman screaming she is drowning.  They work to break the car window, and the car is continuing to sink. Boat passenger David Phung jumps out of the boat and onto her car and into the water, grabbing her and pulling her out of her car.  The woman is distraught over her...[ Read More... ]
Boys in Britain wear skirts to protest school's dress code
Boys at the Isca Academy in Exeter, Britain asked for permission to wear shorts because of the hot weather.  The boys were told that wearing shorts would be against the school's dress code, so they decided to wear skirts instead in protest.  The school now says they are "happy to consider" its policy.Around 30 boys participated in the skirt protest, saying the idea came from the...[ Read More... ]
Cat and fish friends kiss
"Since the beginning of their meeting (3 years ago) until now, they are still best buddies."
Cute lion cub hug
Sweet hugs Watch Video:
A man is being called a hero after rescuing two kids at Stinson Beach in dangerous surf over the weekend.
ABC News story on beach rescue by water polo coach/expert swimmer and good samaritan Robert Palmer, right on time to help boy and sister:STINSON BEACH, Calif. (KGO) --Rough waves triggered a record number of rescues at Stinson Beach in Marin County over the weekend. One rescuer was just enjoying his day at the beach, now he's being called a hero.There were 17 rescues at the beach -- 10 on Sunday,...[ Read More... ]
I used to think coffee was a grown-up drink...
"I used to think coffee was a grown-up drink.Then I thought alcohol was a grown-up drink.Now I have finally achieved full enlightenment to understand that it is water that is the grown-up drink."
"Best Gymnastics Coach save"
Quick reflexes and great catch by this gymnastics coach that does his own flip as he catches a gymnast during her level 6 bars routine dismount, the flyaway (back flip layout), and makes sure she does not get hurt.  The gymnast releases the bar too soon and would have landed on her head/neck had it not been for the quick thinking and good judgement of her skillful coach spotting her....[ Read More... ]
Turkey stops traffic to help others cross road safely
This awesome turkey stopped traffic in Litchfield, New Hamshire, on March 14 to help the other turkeys cross the road safely.  The turkey waited in the middle of the two-lane road until all have passed by, folllowing the last one in the group to the other side of the road.Watch the video here by New Hampshire resident Donald Pomerleau, from his car on Pinecrest road.It looks like it's a male...[ Read More... ]
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